Mission Statement
To build character, instill self-sufficiency, and develop leadership skills in boys and young men in a safe environment via engaging activities
Monday Nights, 7:00 – 8:15 at the Church of the Holy Nativity,
2200 E. 18th Street, East Plano

Troop Size
Typically 10 to 15 boys at any one time, averaging 2-3 Patrols.

17 Eagle Ranks earned over the past 5 years. We utilize ScoutTrack.org - an internet based service to help you collaborate on troop activities, communications, and your scout’s progress from anywhere in the world.

Your son will find himself hiking along remote wooded trails, canoeing across misty lakes, and camping under the open sky. He will observe wildlife up close, cook his own meals over a campfire or small stove, and travel the backcountry without leaving a trace with only what he carries on his back . He will be challenged in numerous ways: how to find his way with a compass and map, how to stay warm and dry in stormy weather, how to give proper first aid, and how to make responsible decisions under trying circumstances.

Everyone helping everyone else, developing leadership and teamwork skills, and learning to make ethical choices the rest of their lives. Having fun while learning new skills - that’s scouting at Troop 262.
Every month we try to plan an outing / campout for the boys. Past activities have included: high adventure backpacking, rock climbing, horse trekking, boating and fishing, snow camping, beach camping, canoeing, skiing, and kayaking.

Founder of the World Scout Movement
Lord Robert Baden-Powell

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The Troop is Boy Lead (to ability), meaning there is less structure than most adults are used to at first – the scouts plan, lead, cook, clean, motivate, teach and learn – with adults providing the framework, support and guidance to allow the scouts to reach their full potential.
Scott Van Duyne - scott@sczrs.com - 972.669.9001
Committee Chair
Kyle Babick - babickjacb@aol.com - 214.559.5757
John Montgomery - print4food@tx.rr.com - 972.497.9402

Troop 262 - Plano, TX - Boys Scouts of America®